Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Problem with blogger

Hello Everyone,

I am facing some issues with blogger. I am not getting any updates in my blog reading list, missing your latest posts, friends!! :(

I've raised the issue at blogger forum - here

If anyone is facing same issue..pls add your comments here

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  1. Shilpa I have been having blogger dashboard issues on and off for quite some time that is why I signed up for bloglovin and also became more on FB!! The blogger forums didnt really solve the issues!

  2. Same here shilpa, last 2 days am getting only 1 update at a time!

  3. Hope your problems with Blogger will be solved soon Shilpa
    My blogger is working fine.
    Greetings, Alie.

  4. It seems to be okay for me at the moment, but I suppose I might not notice if some feeds were missing on the dashboard as I follow so many blogs. I'll try to keep an eye on it, and will certainly go and add my voice if I notice anything happening. Good luck!
    Alison xx

  5. Shilpa some of the problems with bloglovin is
    1. more difficult to follow the blogs as you have to enter the blog url if the blog doesn't have a follow by bloglovin button
    2.Only a limited number of posts are shown within the bloglovin platform-if you want to see older posts you have to go out of the bloglovin window
    3.the number of blogs following yours are not very accurate
    4.commenting system has not actually caught on in bloglovin
    One nice advantage is you can organize the blogs you follow into challenges, favorite blogs etc
    Nowadays I find I can keep track of some of my fav blogs using Pinterest even since blogger dashboard is pretty unreliable.
    I end up commenting regularly on the people who drop in comments on my blog as its easier to track back to their blog via their profile rather than get the blog link from the dashboard!

  6. Hi Shilpa,
    Hope your blogger issues are resolved soon ..My blogger does act up from time to time and recently I found that I was unable to follow other blogs using the follower widget on the sidebar ..But thankfully now its resolved so I hope yours will be too !

  7. I have always problems with my dashboard - since long time... so I have to set my favourite blogs in my linkbar... and I transfered them to blogconnect ... there it is easier for me
    maybe I have to much blogs on my dashboard but to delite some blogs that I won't longer follow is so difficult and needs so much time that I gave up......

  8. Oh Shilpa, trust me, you are not on your own. I found blogger was playing up big time this week in several different ways. Like Susi I have put many of my favourite blogs in my side bar, maybe blogger has simply become too big... who knows, hope you get it sorted soon, these things can be so frustrating!! xx

  9. Shilpa, I too had the same issue. Like Sonia has said, it's been on and off.


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